The Self Directed Household Staff Team

  • Every household will have a dedicated staff team working in the household. Each member of the team will be a Resident Assistant who will be able to assist and support each resident in all aspects of their daily living. These Resident Assistants will be lead by a Household Coordinator. Each household team will be supported by a clinical care team, who will ensure that each resident’s care and service plan is developed and followed and that their health needs are monitored and changes made, as required. The Household Team will also receive functional support from other Wintergreene Estates departments, for such things as meal preparation and service, housekeeping and maintenance services, administration services, and leisure and social services.
  • In general, in addition to the Household Coordinator, each household will have two Resident Assistants on both the day and evening shifts and one Resident Assistant on the night shift. As each household will be unique, the exact working hours can only be established once the residents have moved in and their needs and services established.
  • The heart of each Household elder care model is the Resident Assistant, a universal worker who performs housekeeping, laundry, cooking, as well as elder personal care. The Resident Assistants are the core staff in the Household and each has been trained as a qualified care aide. They will also receive additional training in CPR, First Aid, culinary skills and safe food handling, and housekeeping. Household operations include basic maintenance and cleaning, as well as emergency response. In addition, they will receive orientation to our person centered philosophy of care and service, and training in communication skills, problem solving and conflict resolution.