The essence of a Personal Care Household is that:

  • It is a self contained residence, designed like a private home, containing 12 bedrooms, each with their own full bathroom, where 12 to 14 elders live. The physical space is not meant to be ‘homelike’, but home.
  • Specially selected and trained universal workers (with core training as personal care attendants), called Resident Assistants or RA’s staff each household and provide a wide range of assistance including personal care, leisure activities, meal preparation and service, light housekeeping and laundry. The elders and the RA’s are the primary decision makers in each household.
  • A self managed work team structure is used with the RA’s, who are led by a Household Coordinator and who are coached by and accountable to a Health and Wellness Manager and partnered with a Clinical support team.
  • The Household Coordinator is responsible for the day to day coordination and quality of the services provided in the household, with assistance by the RAs who assume various functional responsibilities on a rotating basis.
  • Each household team is supported by a Clinical team that includes the Health and Wellness Manager, Household Care Coordinator, Activity Coordinator, Pharmacist and Medical Director.

The philosophy of each Personal Care Household is to enhance the quality of living for each elder by:

  • Creating a home that provides community while supporting the increasing need for support and care.
  • Recognize and value the individuality of each elder and staff person.
  • Honoring and supporting autonomy and choice.
  • Supporting elders’ dignity.
  • Providing privacy.
  • Offering opportunities for reciprocal relationships between elders and staff.
  • Fostering involvement and enjoyment.
  • Providing meaningful activity for each person.
  • Promoting functional competence.
  • Facilitating physical comfort.
  • Fostering spiritual well being.
  • Creating an atmosphere of security.
  • Providing for comprehensive care.

The expected outcomes from working and living in a Personal Care Household are:

  • The quality of living, life and social involvement of the elders will be better.
  • Elders will maximize their functional capabilities because of the ‘small scale’ living and the freedom from institutional routines.
  • Family members will participate more actively, contributing to greater satisfaction for both elders and family members.
  • Household staff will know elders better, have a greater sense of their ability to positively affect elder’s lives and will experience both increased job satisfaction and productivity.